Cryptocurrency is a full-fledged substitute for fiat money, a number of features of which rather sharply raise the question of funds storage. Since digital money is not regulated by anyone, it is created using cryptography and ensures the complete anonymity of the owner, the issue of cryptocurrency storage is especially acute. So, how do you store cryptocurrency?

Choosing a hot crypto wallet correctly

There are several ways to store cryptocurrency. They are divided into two large groups: cold and hot storage methods. Most often, both storage options are combined. A cold wallet is used for long-term storage, and a hot online wallet for daily transactions and transactions. The cryptocurrency owner has a huge selection of different cryptocurrency wallets. Which actually makes the choice difficult in some way. When choosing, you should rely on the conditions offered by the wallet and how you intend to use it. Although by far the main criterion is reliability.

OWallet is probably the most popular cryptocurrency wallet that has existed since 2018. It has a fairly high reliability and low maintenance cost. The most risky option is to store cryptocurrencies in online services, as they can be hacked, and simply be scammers. An excellent example of a fully secure online wallet is OWallet, reviews of which characterize the service from an exceptionally good point.


Summing up, I would like to recall that no matter what service you choose, it should be a solid company with a long success story and many positive reviews, like OWallet. By contacting a one-day wallet, you run the risk of running into scammers and losing everything.

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